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Lessons on Living from People Preparing to Die


Mrs. Hunter's Happy Death (Doubleday, 2006) tells the story of Mary Hunter, a woman who died in 1801 at the age of 26 and was memorialized as a spiritual virtuoso by her pastor in the London magazine, The Arminian. When I first "met" Mrs. Hunter, she reminded me of people I had known in my own work with the dying. We all have much to learn about living from people who are preparing to die.

Praise for Mrs. Hunter's Happy Death

"Very few authors could pull off such a tour de force where history, theology, spirituality and pastoral care sit so cozily within the covers of a single book." 

  -- Leonard Sweet, author of Out of the Questions ... Into the Mystery

"Mrs. Hunter's Happy Death plumbs the depths of life's greatest mystery and offers hope through the experience of a woman who had learned the art of dying well.  Truly inspirational, a mangificent immersion in the real substance of life and death."

  -- Paul Wesley Chilcote, author of Changed from Glory into Glory

"Mrs. Hunter's Happy Death is more than an engaging and creative treatment of death.  It is a ringing affirmation of life lived with faith, love, joy, and hope."

  -- Bishop Kenneth L. Carder, Duke University Divinity School


for Church Groups & Personal Devotion

This downloadable study guide (format: pdf) consists of TWO PARTS.  The first part contains QUESTIONS for personal reflection and group sharing, matching the ten chapters in Part One of the book.  The second part is a SPIRITUAL PRACTICE INVENTORY that is suitable for individual use and/or group sharing.


with Group Study Guide

Mrs. Hunter's Happy Death is a perfect book for church groups and book clubs rooted in the Christian tradition. The box set includes 12 autographed copies, plus the downloadable Study Guide (pdf) for electronic sharing or printing to share with the members of your group. 

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