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JOIN ME THIS LENT: Lessons on Living through Trying Times

I have been thinking deeply about what we can learn from the enormous suffering that surrounds us during this time of an historic pandemic. This is one of the great mysteries of faith: the most precious things in life come into sharp relief when cast against the darkness of death and suffering.

My book Mrs. Hunter's Happy Death (Doubleday, 2006) explored precisely this mystery by asking a very similar question:

what can we who are living learn from people preparing to die?

And so I have created a Study Guide that aims to help us grow spiritually from the experience of living through this pandemic. Join me on Wednesdays starting February 17 (Ash Wednesday) or contact me if you would like to lead a group study of your own.

Here are the details:

LESSONS ON LIVING THROUGH TRYING TIMES Six Wednesdays beginning Ash Wednesday, February 17, 4:00 - 5:00 pm (Pacific) RSVP for MORE INFORMATION

Join me as we explore together questions like these:

* Have you ever read the obituary of someone you did not know? Why did you do that? What would you hope your obituary might say?

* How do you “process” the losses in your own life? What specifically do you do to grieve?

* Who are the people that live at the “emotional and spiritual epicenter” of your life? If they have died, how do these people “live on” in you?

I pray this coming season of Lent may be a source of grace and peace to you in these challenging times.

John Fanestil

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1 Comment

I'm sorry I missed your Lessons on Living Through Trying Times. I have, however, had the great pleasure of reading Mrs. Hunter's Happy Death and attending a talk you gave about it some 15 years ago. The idea of living my life toward an end worth passing on resonates with me, and has remained near the surface of my thoughts.

I remember asking you then what you thought about assisted suicide. You indicated that you were inclined to approve -- which surprised me -- and you were contemplating it as the topic of your next book. While I'm curious what might have changed your mind about your next book's subject, I anticipate One Life to Give will be a worthy…

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