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A Book Club Study for Election Year

What will your book club read this election year?

As a Biden-Trump rematch comes clearly into view, the temptation will be great to steer clear of politics altogether, to duck the issue in hopes of avoiding controversy. Alternately, you could run right into the eye of the storm by reading a political manifesto like Liz Cheney's Oath & Honor.

My recommendation, of course, is that your book club read my new book, American Heresy: The Roots and Reach of White Christian Nationalism. To help make this possible for you ...

I've written a LEADER GUIDE for book clubs and small groups.

DOWNLOAD NOW -- Cost: $15.00

This guide is designed for LEADERS of book clubs and other groups who are interested in reading American Heresy and exploring together the enduring legacy of white Christian nationalism in American life. The guide contains EIGHT SESSIONS, each covering one chapter from the book. Of course, these eight sessions can be combined or expanded to meet the needs of your group and your group’s calendar.

I've spoken now to about a dozen audiences -- some faith-based, some not -- and all seem to get what I am arguing:

  1. that understanding the religious dimensions of early American history is essential to understanding our current public life;

  2. that whatever our own personal religious beliefs, we must acknowledge that this religious inheritance shapes Americans today in both positive and negative ways.

This way of thinking about the relationship between religion and politics invites all of us to consider the mixed bag that is our nation's religious and cultural inheritance.

I invite you to browse THIS SAMPLE SESSION to get a flavor for how this Leader Guide can help you inspire a fruitful, provocative conversation among friends without sacrificing the spirit of your book club or small group to the politics of the moment.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

John Fanestil

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