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AMERICAN HERESY -- a Short Audio Introduction

I wrote AMERICAN HERESY because we need to contend frankly with the origins of the United States if we are to understand what is happening in our public life today.

Instead of your next podcast, why not listen to this

20-MINUTE INTRODUCTION to American Heresy.

In this introduction I outline the project as it developed in conversation with my editors at Fortress Press, and I give a short sample of the argument from one chapter of the book. In Chapter One I unpack how American understandings of the created world gave rise to both the sweet fruit of an orderly society and the bitter fruit of racialized violence. From the earliest English colonization of North America, and straight down through the revolutionary era and beyond, white Americans practiced this violence against the native peoples of North America and against African slaves and their descendants. This set a template for violence that has always been -- and remains today -- a defining characteristic of American public life.

Haven't yet ordered your copy of AMERICAN HERESY? Just click on the cover here:

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1 commentaire

Edith Frampton
Edith Frampton
21 oct. 2023

I look forward to your book talk in Coronado in 10/29/23!

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